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The Society for Mycotoxin Research is devoted to fostering and encouraging science and research. The Society aims at the voluntary association of scientists who are actively interested in mycotoxin research and related fields of science. This purpose, for example, shall be achieved by arranging scientific meetings which are dedicated to knowledge transfer and continuing education in the area of mycotoxin research.


New members obtain their membership by a written offer of admission, on which the Board of Directors decides.


If you want to join the Society as a full member, please download one of the following forms (german members including the declaration of payment by mandate). Please send the completed application by ordinary mail to the bureau of the secretary (adress given within the form).


Forms to download:


General information concerning the membership

Annual membership fee since 2010:


The annual membership fee includes:



According to Article 5 of the bylaws, membership is aquired by a written application form on which the Board of Directors decide.


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  • The 43rd Mycotoxin Workshop 2022 will take place in Toulouse, France. More information will follow!
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